Techniques Used

Dr Kenyon has studied many and varied Chiropractic methods of spinal correction, discarding most along the way, he continues to use only those he deems most effective for the care of his patients. His treatment methods are always adapted to suit all conditions and ages, from babies through to children, teenagers, adults and of course our senior citizens.

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)

ABC™  is a revolutionary chiropractic application which corrects spinal structure and function through the use of specific spinal, pelvic and extremity adjustments, in combination with specialized  stretches called meningeal releases. This combination results in tremendous improvements in posture as well as the relief of painful symptoms and conditions.

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Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

SOT is a comprehensive, gentle and innovative technique . It is so named because of the relationship between the Sacrum (base of the spine) and the Occiput (base of the skull) in pumping cerebral spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. SOT was founded in 1925 by Dr. DeJarnette and since then has continued to be studied and researched around the world.